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Evolve: Group Coaching



Every month

Monthly Membership

    4 Live Interactive Zoom Sessions
    Group Life Coaching
    Joining a Community of Like Minded Women
    Communication Support
    Tools & Exercises
    Access to Additional Resources
    Cancel anytime

February 2024
Habits & Goals

This Month's Focus: This month's group coaching focuses on the practical connection between habits and goals. We'll discuss the science of habit formation and strategies for aligning habits with objectives. Through shared experiences, participants can contribute to a supportive environment, collectively driving growth and achievement. Join us as we explore the relationship between habits and goals, aiming for practical and lasting change.

What Sets Us Apart: 

  • Flexible Membership: Enjoy the freedom to join or cancel your membership anytime, putting you in control of your journey.

  • Dynamic Monthly Topics: Each month, we delve into a different theme, ensuring a diverse range of insights and tools to elevate various aspects of your life.

  • Four Interactive Sessions Monthly: We meet four times a month, each unique, providing ample opportunities for you to engage, learn, and grow. You're welcome to attend as many sessions as you'd like – it's all about what suits your schedule!


Why Join Evolve Group Coaching?

  • Connect with a supportive community

  • Gain practical tools for real-world scenarios

  • Receive personalized guidance from experienced coaches

  • Enjoy the flexibility to participate at your own pace

How it works:

  1. Sign Up: Secure your spot and become part of our vibrant community.

  2. Membership Flexibility: Join the sessions that align with your schedule; attend as many as you wish.

  3. Interactive Learning: Engage in discussions, activities, and exercises designed to enhance your confidence.


Julie Cremoux & Meg Bishton


  • 2 Highly Trained Expert Life Coaches

  • 4 Live Interactive Group Coaching Session Every Month


  • Guided Meditation 

  • Mindfulness Exercises

  • Interactive Tools

  • High Value Resources


  • Heightened Awareness

  • Learning from others 

  • Connecting with others

  • Grow Comfort Zone

  • Improve Relationships


  • Community Support of Like-Minded Souls

  • On-Going Connection Within Community Members Between Session

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