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Sometimes you must travel down unknown paths to find your true bliss.

Get Lost with Meg on your personal journey
to self-discovery and transformation.

I'm Meg &...

I am thrilled you are here because, even taking this step means you are ready for big change and conscious growth in your life! I truly believe your path to transformation just started with this one small step of exploring my website!


What I do.

I guide women,  just like you, through their personal journey to self-discovery and transformation. 

Together, we explore...

new perspectives and mindset philosophies along with new ways of looking within for the answers. The truth is you don’t need more external advice, YOU NEED INTERNAL CLARITY! You are uniquely you and that’s what makes you valuable! You have the answers and as your guide I will challenge you to dig deep, look at your struggles from alternative view points, and forge your own path.


I will guide you every step of the way and will provide direction through a proven roadmap. This method will help you effectively and successfully drive forward lasting change, and meet the BIG GOALS you create for yourself! I do this by establishing a safe place to share, and explore thought processes that may no longer serve you. As your guide I will lead you to intentionally challenge yourself toward growth and self-discovery.

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Why hire a life coach?

·      Fast-Tracked Results

·      Be Held Accountable

·      Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

·      Change Your Mindset

·      Make Your Dreams Come True




  • Self

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Romantic

  • Parenting

Personal Growth

  • Self-Growth

  • Self-Love

  • Confidence

  • Motivation

  • Purpose

  • Passion


  • Connection To Higher Self

  • Yoga Practices & Philosophy

  • Meditation

  • Energy Sources

  • Clarity of Self and The Divine


  • Physical Transformation

  • Mental & Emotional

  • Energy Levels

  • Nutrition

  • Illness Coping


  • Money Mindset

  • Savings Strategies

  • Debt Management

  • Money Management

  • Abundance


  • Start a Business

  • Get A Promotion 

  • Career Change

  • Get Noticed At Work

  • Further Education

Fun & Recreation

  • Life Enjoyment

  • Hobbies

  • Travel

  • Free Time


  • Volunteering

  • Passion Project

  • Community

  • Caring For Family & Friends


  • Safe, Secure and Comfortable

  • Simple Living

  • Balanced Environment

And so much more!

The journey we take together is up to you!

You like gifts? I sure do!


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It's my gift to you for taking this first step. I hope you enjoy!

What clients are saying:


I'm delighted that I connected with Meg. First, I resonated with her SO much in terms of life experience we have both experienced. I felt aligned with her values straight away and our first session was fantastic! I've enjoyed all of our sessions together because Meg has such a calm, kind yet focused and direct manor. Whilst compassionate to my experiences and situation, she also doesn't let me settle within my comfortable space of excuses! I needed support with motivation, overwhelm and feelings of Imposter Syndrome and Meg really helped me identify the root emotions behind my habits and behaviours so I could feel those, heal them and move forward! She's been absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend her services if transformation is what you need. 

Samantha Jane Rix

Aberfeldy, Scotland

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